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gears, shafts, wheels, couplings, pulleys, housings

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Founded in 2000, and recombined in 2016, the initial purpose of setting up Aotepu (Dalian) Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (herein in after called as Aotepu) was to help its sister companies to carry out export business. Aotepu is a leading manufacturer and supplier of large nonstandard industrial components according to engineer drawings. The products include gears, shafts, wheels, couplings, pulleys, housings, nonstandard machinery parts, wear resistant parts, structural components mainly used in Oil & Gas, resources, mining, agriculture, construction, machinery industries, etc... With over 20 years experience in manufacturing OEM machinery parts according to engineer drawings, we not only know how to make the premium quality of products, but also can supply technical supports of new materials according to different working conditions in order to improve lifespan of our products. Working as the partner of our valued customers ,our sales and customer service representatives are available at any time to attend our customers' needs. Offering one-stop service on mechanical products, we can supply measuring service at customers working site, designing and making engineer drawings, manufacturing and mounting service. Sincerely service, high quality and low price are our pursue goal all the time. Up to now our products have been proven the high quality .We sincerely wish to cooperate with our honorable customers and create a win-win future. Contact us to get a high quality & stable service immediately.



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    Performance requirements for forgings processed by forging

    In forging production, in addition to ensuring the required shape and size of forgings, it must also meet the performance requirements of forgings in the process of use, which mainly include: strength index, plasticity index, impact toughness, fatigue strength, initial fracture and stress corrosion resistance. For parts working at high temperature, there are also high-temperature instantaneous tensile properties, durability and thermal fatigue properties.